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Situation: Single, makes $125,000 per year as a successful salesman. Despite his impressive income, he's struggled with spending habits and attempts at picking stocks. Additionally, Ryan wants to make his side hustle a full-time gig, but isn't sure about the impact on his income & tax liability.
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Jerry & Laura
Situation: A couple in their early 30s, making $245,000/year. Jerry owns a successful business, but has substantial debt and low liquidity. On the other hand, Laura owns her business, which was moderately profitable, but she lacks a clear retirement plan and emergency fund.
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Tom & Becky
Situation: A couple with a combined income of $375,000 and two children. With a career in tech, Tom has high income and made good investments, but has done minimal planning. They're unsure of how to manage their finances effectively and don't have a plan in place for their family's future.
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