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Not sure how financial planning could make an impact in your life? Below are three unique (and hypothetical) client situations to help show the decisions and questions that get addressed as part of the process:

Successful, Single Salesman
Situation: Ryan is a single guy making $125,000/year in sales. Despite his impressive income, he's struggled with spending habits and attempts at picking stocks. Additionally, Ryan wants to make his side hustle a full-time gig, but is uncertain about the impact on his income and tax liability.

Results: After going through the financial planning process, we set up a cash flow strategy to organize how his salary and commissions would be allocated based on his discretionary expenses and essential expenses.

On the investment side, we set up a low cost index fund portfolio so he could have an easy, low-maintenance way to build wealth over time.

He also started switching from a regular 401(k) to a Roth 401(k) as he still is unsure where his income will be with the side hustle that he will transition full-time. This split helps reduce the uncertainty of his future tax liability while still stashing away money for retirement.

Mid-30s couple, both working full-time
Situation: A couple in their early 30s, Jerry & Laura had been together for several years and were contemplating getting married and starting a family. However, before taking the next step, they recognized the need to address their financial situations. They made $245,000/year and Jerry owned a successful business, but had substantial debt and low liquidity. On the other hand, Laura owned her business, which was moderately profitable, but she lacked a clear retirement plan and emergency fund.

Results: One of the first steps we took was combine their finances under one system and planning out how they would allocate their expenses based on their income.

Jerry liquidated his RSU’s to pay down his high interest debt and to rebuild his short term savings. This also helped reduced the amount of concentration that he desired into one company.

Laura was able to create an emergency fund personally AND for her business. From there, we set up a Solo 401(k) so she could maximize her own benefits and provide some deductions for the business.

For taxes, outside of the investment plan, they also able to take advantage of combining their finances after marriage to lower their overall tax bracket. 

Family with two kids & careers in tech
Situation: A couple with a combined income of $375,000 and two children, found themselves in a tough spot. They were unsure of how to manage their finances effectively and had no concrete plan in place for their family's future.

Results: After reviewing their full financial picture, we determined that it made sense for Tom to take advantage of his company’s ESPP to increase further income. Becky also took advantage of her company’s 401(k) match while lowering their income (from the pre-tax contributions).

We also reviewed potential life insurance coverage to protect their education, retirement, and debt goals. They also started contributing to their child’s financial future between a 529 plan and a brokerage account to offer flexibility.

For their home, we went through an analysis to determine if it was a right fit or to take the leap and move to a nicer home. With where their current cash flow was and their top goals, they wanted to first make sure their income was large enough to ensure they would not be financially trapped with their new home’s high price & high rates and as a result, they decided to wait until the time is right.

Given the size of their equity and property, they were also referred to an estate planning attorney to set up a trust and will. 

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